Flame recognizes the challenges facing the environment and the need for a transition to cleaner forms of energy.

We are investing in renewable technologies, as well as carbon capture initiatives, and are actively seeking aligned opportunities.

Renewables projects with Renergetica

Flame in partnership with Renergetica is currently evaluating several opportunities to invest in different renewables projects from hydroelectric plants to solar panels.

Ethics and sustainability requirements

Flame recognizes that the single effort is not enough, therefore, is extending the ethics and sustainability requirements throughout the supply chain with intending to reduce the Scope 2 emissions and achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

European emission certificates on ICE

We have actively started trading European emission certificates on ICE with the purpose to gradually offset our carbon footprints.
Although the volumes are currently limited, we are planning to consistently increase in the next near future.

Trading manganese

We are evaluating a potential involvement in trading manganese ore from Brazil and bauxite ore from Ivory Coast.

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